Federation of the
european societies
of Neuropsychology


The FESN was founded at its first official scientific conference in Edinburg in 2008. Since then, the Federation has developed a Constitution and a structure with biennial scientific conferences and regular Council meetings, where the European Neuropsychological Societies meet. In a historical perspective, this represents an important step for the European Neuropsychology.

Following the first meeting in Edinburg, the Federation has held successful conferences in Amsterdam, Basel, Tampere, Maastricht, and Milan. The next scientific meeting will be held in Greece in 2021 in collaboration with the Hellenic Neuropsychological Society. In addition to the scientific conferences, FESN organizes summer schools for PhD students, Postdocs and young clinicians. These events have taken place in Berlin, biennially, alternating with the conferences. National societies have an important role in endorsing and supporting participants in the Summer school.

FESN offers a unique opportunity for the European societies to come together to discuss relevant matters in the field. Currently, the membership includes more than 20 societies. Some are smaller and some larger, but together they represent thousands of individual neuropsychologists, working either in research or clinical settings. To increase students’ involvement within the FESN, a proposal was accepted in the last Council meeting to develop a student liaison committee. Its mission would be to create an environment that serves as a link both among students and between trainees and current professionals, and also to keep the FESN apprised of the students’/ trainees’ needs and interests within the field of Neuropsychology.

One of the goals of FESN is to establish contact with other international organizations. In the last Council meeting, an important decision was made to participate in organizing a World Conference in Neuropsychology together with the International Neuropsychological Society (INS), the Sociedad Latinoamericana de Neuropsicología (SLAN), the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) and the Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment (ASSBI). This meeting planned in 2022 and it will be an important milestone in developing our global partnerships.

If you, as an individual member of FESN have any views or input, please feel free to contact us. 

On behalf of the FESN Management Committee,

Laura Hokkanen,