Federation of the
european societies
of Neuropsychology

Topical groups

FESN would like to encourage their members to join Topical Groups to facilitate exchange and research within and between the different European Societies of Neuropsychology. We want to bring together people who want to share a common interest. At our kick-off meeting we want to get some groups off the ground so that more people can join as the groups develop. The puropose of the groups is to increase knowledge about an area of interest; to promote European exchange in research, training and clinical practice; and to encourage European collaboration and networking.

Would you like to join one of our groups? Based on our survey during the FESN Thessaloniki 2023 confererence, the Following topics are planned:


- Test issue

- Social cognition

- Cognitive reserve

- Digital neuropsychological assessment

- Students/Neuropsychologists in training

- Stroke

- Traumatic head injury

- Executive functions


Please join us for our kick-off meeting on 6 March 2024 at 18:00 to learn more! Here's the on line zoom meeting.

Do you have more ideas and want to propose a Topical group subject? Please contact us: executivesecretary@fesn.eu 

We look forward to seeing you!!!