Federation of the
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Topical Groups

FESN would like to encourage their members to join Topical Groups to facilitate exchange and research within and between the different European Societies of Neuropsychology. We want to bring together people who want to share a common interest. The puropose of the groups is to increase knowledge about an area of interest; to promote European exchange in research, training and clinical practice; and to encourage European collaboration and networking. 



Since our inaugural meeting on 6 March 2024, the following Topical Groups started:



Description/Scope: The FESN Stroke Interest Group brings together researchers and clinicials interested in neuropsychology aspects of stroke. This includes neuropsychological symptoms an impairements following stroke as well as assessment methods for this population. We will seek to initiate and develop links with relevant European organisations, such as the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and the Organisation for Psychological Research Into Stroke (OPSYRIS), in order to strenghten neuropsychological research and impact in this field, and to enable cross-disciplinary collaborations across Europe with a focus on neuropsychological aspects of stroke.

For further information, please contact the Group's Chairs: Randi Starrfelt and Nele Demeyere (stroke@fesn.eu



Description/Scope: Neuropsychologists working in neuro-oncology often have a variety of roles. Their main focus is to provide neuropsychological assessment alongside treatment modalities such as surgery or oncological interventions, and to be involved in rehabilitation efforts. They can also play a key role in facilitating support, such as helping patients return to work.

There are often few neuropsychologists in many locations, which limits opportunities to network with colleagues who have similar roles and responsabilit√©s, particularly across different countries. The aim of this topical group with FESN is to bring together neuropsycholgists working in neuro-oncology and to Promote networking, knowledge sharing and collaborative intiatives. This group also encourages research-oriented discussions and collaborations. Beyond clinical practice, neuropsychologists in neuro-oncology frequently contribute to research relevant to their field. Neuro-oncology patients with specific diagnostic features are often treated within each centre, emphasizing the importance of international research collaborations to comprehensivily study these groups.

For further information, please contact the Group's Chairs: Isabelle Ryden and Katrine Arnkjaer (neuro-oncology@fesn.eu)



Description/Scope: This group focuses on tele-neuropsychology and the integration of digital technologies in remote neuropsychological assessments and rehabilitation in Europe. Centered on the needs of patients with neurological disorders, the primary goal is to unite neuropsychologists interested in this topic, offering opportunities for networking and experience sharing to understand the challenges professionals face. By conducting research to identify the specific needs in this field, the group will provide recommendations for addressing them, while also fostering collaborations with international associations and societies sharing similar research interests.   

You are welcome to join our first meeting on June 24th 2024, 4 p.m. (CEST), the zoom link is here!

For further information, please contact the Group's Chair: Evangelia Stanitsa (eva.st.92@gmail.com


Would you like to join one of our groups or find people to start a new one? Please contact our liaison person: Angelika Thoene-Otto: angelika.thoene-otto2@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

We hope to expand our Topical Groups and to address and integrate the many different interests of our members.

Best regards,

Angelika Thoene-Otto -FESN Topical Group Liaison