Federation of the
european societies
of Neuropsychology

Student Liaison Committee

A Committee run by Students under the auspice of the FESN with the mission

  1. to increase students’ involvement within the FESN,
  2. to create an environment that serves as a link among students and between trainees and current professionals and
  3. to keep the FESN apprised of the students’/ trainees’ needs and interests within the field of Neuropsychology.


Eligible Members of the Committee:
MSc, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Students, Pre Doctoral Interns Invited from the FESN National Societies (7 Members in Total), FESN Members (3 Members in Total: one Council Member, one Management Committee Member, one Scientific Advisory Board Member). Number of Members: 10 (7 Students + 3 Members of the FESN for mentorship and guidance).
The FESN SLC does not need to contain one student per FESN member. The FESN SLC should not be formed on the rationale of a “Junior FESN”. A group of 7 students will allow to spread the work overload and also to achieve outcomes in a faster way.


How to Invite for Membership:

By invitation to the FESN National Societies (in alphabetical order) to propose a student. The SLC membership must be approved by the FESN Council Meetings (in person or via electronic communication).
FESN SLC Duration: 3 years


Mission of the Committee:

  • To address student and trainee professional development needs.
  • To foster student contributions to neuropsychological science.
  • To provide resources and guidance for professional development both in clinical practice and in research.
  • To empower students to advocate within the profession of neuropsychology.


Suggested FESN SLC initiatives:

  • Call for contribution to the FESN website: For the public awareness (i.e. brain health, contribution of Neuropsychology in the cognitive, emotional and behavioural well-being), and for the experts (i.e academic/ career issues).
  • Biannual FESN Conferences: Organization of events/ meetings for students during the FESN conferences (i.e. a social event, a trainee conversation hour).


FESN SLC Social Media:

  • Postings/Newsletters for upcoming events (FESN / National Societies), for FESN programming, deadlines, etc.
  • Net working: Creation of a Group (i.e. an email group, a Google group) to pose questions regarding training, provide peer consultation, share ideas, etc.
  • Financial Purposes: The FESN SLC shall organize to meet in person during the FESN Biannual conferences and /or the FESN Scientific School. The FESN SLC members shall pay for their expenses.
  • The FESN SLC shall use the web (i.e. Google group) and technologies (i.e. Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber) in order to communicate. In this way, the Committee can assure frequent communication with no costs. In line with this, in the case of the FESN website updates (see point Call for contribution to the FESN website) the Committee shall contact directly the administrator of the FESN website.


From October 2020 to October 2023 the members of SLC are:

  • Student member – Austria, Charlotte Doll (chair)
  • Student member – Greece, Iria Megayannis
  • Student member – Poland, Agnieszka Skrzypkowska (co-chair)
  • Student member – Portugal, Filipa Sotero
  • Student member – Turkey, Hande Musullulu
  • Student member – United Kingdom, Flavia Loreto
  • Council Member – Athanasia Liozidou
  • Scientific Advisory Board – Guy Vingerhoets
  • Executive Secretary – Sandra Lettner